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22 of May, 2019
How to Interpret the Results of a Prenatal Baby Gender Test

For those looking to learn the gender of their baby as early as possible, a prenatal gender test can be performed using a blood sample from the mother.

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06 of May, 2019
Dr. Melekhovets in CSI: The Bedroom

Many look to genetic testing centers for a DNA test while pregnant to get to know their baby, while others turn to these centers for more unhappy reasons.

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22 of April, 2019
Dr. Yuri Melekhovets Provides Insight on a Missing Person Case

In addition to overseeing services at the Center, such as the prenatal paternity test, Dr. Melekhovets has also provided insight on unusual situations.

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08 of April, 2019
The Benefits of Having a Prenatal Baby Gender Test

For parents looking for a way to ease their anticipation of their child, a prenatal baby gender test could be just the thing they need.

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29 of March, 2019
Genetically Testing Maine’s Mystery Beast

Dr. Melekhovets is a well-known geneticist and the director at a number of reputable DNA-testing enterprises located in the GTA. Testing includes everything from non-invasive prenatal paternity tests, infidelity tests, and even genetically testing the DNA of unknown animals that terrorize the pets in the north easternmost state of Maine.

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05 of March, 2019
Non-Invasive Fetal Sex Determination Using Fetal DNA After Seven Weeks Gestation

Non-invasive prenatal determination of fetal sex using cell-free fetal DNA provides an alternative to invasive techniques for some heritable disorders.

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02 of March, 2019
Non-Invasive Prenatal Test Assessment of Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome): Large Scale Validity Study.

Objective of this study was to validate the clinical efficacy and practical feasibility of massively parallel maternal plasma DNA sequencing to screen for fetal trisomy 21 among high risk pregnancies clinically indicated for amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling.

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01 of March, 2019
Fetal DNA Sequenced From Mother’s Blood

A baby might have its mother's eyes, but the mother has the child's DNA in her blood, at least during pregnancy. Researchers have now used this DNA to test for a genetic disease before birth.

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