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06 of May, 2019
Dr. Melekhovets in CSI: The Bedroom
Dr. Melekhovets in CSI: The Bedroom

Summer is approaching, and it’s high time for many activities, including infidelity. While many look to genetic testing centers for services such as a DNA test while pregnant to learn information about a baby on the way, others turn to these centers for more unhappy reasons. An article published by The Star in 2008 outlines Dr. Yuri Melekhovets’ experiences dealing with clients looking to investigate their partners suspected infidelity through genetic testing. This type of testing involves extracting DNA samples from stains on sheets and clothing, or from toothbrushes or other items in an attempt to find a DNA profile that does not match that of either partner—evidence of a third party.


The Impact of Forensics Television Shows on Infidelity Suspicions

Dr. Melekhovets observed an uptick in the stained linens received by one of the genetic testing labs he directs since crime shows steeped in forensics took off. While testing for infidelity is a service that his labs can provide, it is an insignificant one compared to other services such as the provision of a DNA test while pregnant to determine the baby’s gender or paternity.



“This is a laboratory, not a psychologist’s office.”



More often than not (around 60% of the time), Dr. Melekhovets’ labs procure genetic test results proving the suspected partner innocent. The geneticist believes that forensics TV shows are to blame for the domestic paranoia. As Dr. Melekhovets puts it, “This is a laboratory, not a psychologist’s office.”


Genetic Testing for Solving Dysfunctional Relationships

Whatever the result, genetic testing can provide a sense of relief. This applies to situations involving infidelity as well as those involving the paternity of a child—for which a DNA test while pregnant can be performed. There’s the relief that comes with realizing your suspicions are unwarranted, and then the relief that your instincts were right on the money. Bad news will at least give you the chance to move on.



Science can only provide evidence—it’s up to you what to do with it.



There are some instances, however, where a person’s suspicions cannot be laid to rest—such as when a man continued to send samples for DNA testing every few months over two years, although the test results were always negative. Science can only provide evidence—it’s up to you what to do with it.


At Prenatal Genetics Center, we offer non-invasive prenatal tests for determining a baby’s gender or paternity. We have nearly two decades of experience in the prenatal genetic testing industry, over which time we’ve innovated our methods to maximize the accuracy and accessibility of our tests. Contact us today if you’re looking have a DNA test while pregnant to determine paternity of the gender of your baby.

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