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Prenatal Paternity Test
● Stress-free for both the mother and the baby
● DNA testing done on maternal blood sample
Prenatal Baby Gender Test
● Stress-free for both the mother and the baby
● DNA testing done on maternal blood sample


Prenatal Genetics Center has offered non-invasive prenatal genetic testing for 18 years. Our DNA testing technology provides an accurate, convenient and safe option for paternity and baby gender determination.

Our scientists have spent many years researching new techniques to replace invasive prenatal paternity testing procedures that are potentially dangerous. Traditional, invasive methods, such as amniocentesis, pose risks to the mother and child. We have eliminated these risks through the development of non-invasive methods that involve maternal blood samples, allowing the mother to undergo a safe DNA test while pregnant.

About our center

Prenatal Genetics Center is a genetic testing laboratory that specializes in non-invasive prenatal procedures for paternity and baby gender testing. 

Our center was established in 2001 by research scientists with extensive experience in non-invasive human DNA diagnostics. Our scientist have spent many years researching non-invasive prenatal paternity testing techniques to replace invasive procedures that are risky. When our center opened, we were the first laboratory to offer the general public a non-invasive way to perform a DNA test while pregnant.

Our mission is to provide fast, comprehensive, accurate and affordable prenatal genetic testing services. We perform non-invasive prenatal genetic testing for determining the baby’s gender and paternity.



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Reasons to choose us
We Have 18 Years of Experience
Our laboratory, established in 2001, was the first to offer the public a non-invasive way to undergo a DNA test while pregnant for determining paternity.
Advanced Technology
We are a leader in non-invasive prenatal testing technology for paternity and gender testing.
Latest DNA Diagnostic Techniques
We make use of the latest techniques, including real-time PCR and SNP typing.
Highest Quality Control in the Industry
We follow rigorous protocols to ensure the accuracy of your test results.
Collaborative Research
We collaborate with scientists at leading universities to conduct research on prenatal genetic testing.

Check out our news section for studies and other resources on prenatal genetic testing, as well as updates on the latest developments in the field.


My daughter recently completed the non-invasive prenatal paternity test with PGC and is super happy with her results. We are all relieved and continue to feel fully excited and supported in the next upcoming months. We are so excited for our baby girl arrival – can’t wait!

Mary Holt

I live near this lab and was able to go directly to PGC for sample collection. I tested 3 possible fathers in my situation and was given the results in 5 days. You can also use forensic samples like a toothbrush at this lab for the possible fathers which worked fairly easy and gave me the opportunity to test all possibilities. Now I can rest easy. Thank you PGC!

Hannah B.

Just received my follow-up report for my newborn child for free, thank you for great customer and laboratory services!

Jerry W.

Great Total Package, you are able to test all alleged fathers for the same price, free gender reveal and a follow-up test for a newborn child. Exactly what I was looking for, service was quick and we received our kit the very next day.

Sara S.

Great peace of mind package and affordable test in comparison to other companies, I would recommend to others in need.

Jay B.

We opted for the rush service of 5 business days – a must during this stressful time. Happy customer!

Adriana Gonzalez

I am very happy with the outcome of our baby gender testing result. We are expecting our first boy this summer!

Brad Shaw

Super easy to use company’s DNA testing service. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a peace of mind package. The prenatal paternity testing comes with free gender and free follow-up testing. Highly recommended!

Taylor G
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