Non-Invasive Prenatal Baby Gender Test on Maternal Blood

Prenatal Baby Gender Test

What we know about the prenatal gender test on maternal blood? The current available techniques for prenatal baby gender tests (DNA test while pregnant) are invasive (CVS and amniocentesis) and carry with their use a small but significant chance of miscarriage. As a result, the current standard care offers an invasive prenatal gender test only to those women whose risk of chromosomal or genetic abnormalities are greater than or equal to the risk of a procedure-related loss. This means that the vast majority of women never receive the benefits of a gender test prediction. The recent discovery of the presence of fetal genetic material in maternal blood has offered new approaches to non-invasive prenatal diagnosis. Given the relatively easy identification of male DNA from fetal cells in maternal blood, one clinical application is the non-invasive identification of male fetuses at risk for X-linked disorders. The second is a curiosity application for the parents who would like to know the gender of the baby. This webpage explains in details how and when you can do the non-invasive prenatal gender test.

Advantages of Fetal Cells Analysis in Maternal Blood

1. Analysis of DNA from fetal cells in maternal blood samples is a screening test that is a non-invasive prenatal procedure and poses no risks to the mother or the fetus. The non-invasive baby gender predictor is based on the detection of Y chromosome-specific DNA in maternal blood samples.

2. This DNA identity baby gender test is relatively inexpensive in comparison to invasive techniques such as CVS or amniocentesis.

To learn more, read Misconceptions about the technology and an article in the Science magazine about the non-invasive prenatal technology.

Timing for the Test

Using DNA test from Health Genetic Center, a gender confirmation (Y-chromosome detection) can be done at 10 weeks of gestation. 


The procedure takes 7 business days. We can offer a 3 business days rush service at an additional cost if you wish to shorten the turnaround time. The final report contains one of the following results:

POSITIVE for the presence of Y-chromosome. Positive Y chromosome DNA test confirms the presence of a male fetus in the recent pregnancy.

NEGATIVE for the presence of Y-chromosome. Negative DNA test result confirms the absence of Y chromosome DNA in maternal blood samples. This means that 1) the mother is carrying a female fetus or 2) amount of fetal DNA in maternal blood is very low (lower than the detection limit of the DNA test). Please note that if the sample is collected after 10 weeks of pregnancy then the technique is sensitive enough to detect a small amount of fetal DNA in mother’s blood. Only in very rare cases (less than 1%) this amount lower is than the detection limit at 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Sensitivity and Specificity of the Test

Sensitivity and specificity of the detection of male fetuses at 10 weeks of gestation for properly collected maternal blood samples is more than 99%. This accuracy rate is higher than any other gender prediction test available on the market today. Some companies are offering a gender DNA test with only 95% accuracy: it is very low accuracy for such DNA test.

Price for the Prenatal Gender Test

Total price of laboratory DNA testing for baby gender test determination is $290.00 (US) plus $70 FedEx shipping fee (for USA only). The cost includes the diagnostic laboratory test, telephone consultations, sample collection kit, and final laboratory report. Please make sure the payment for the DNA baby gender test is included in the form of money order, VISA, Master Card or American Express. A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 (US) is required to initiate the scheduling process and will be applied towards the case. The balance must be paid in full before we can release the DNA gender test results. All prices are in US dollars.


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