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  • In operation since 2001: the first company in the world that offers a non-invasive prenatal paternity test to the general public.
  • Leader in non-invasive prenatal testing technology: prenatal paternity and fetal gender DNA testing.
  • Latest human DNA diagnostic techniques, including real-time PCR and SNP typing on fetal DNA.
  • Highest Quality Control in the industry.
  • Collaboration with the leading universities in research projects.

prenatal paternity test on bloodPrenatal Genetics Center is a non-invasive prenatal testing and research laboratory established in year 2001 by research scientists with extensive experience in human non-invasive DNA diagnostics. The Center was formed specifically to provide comprehensive, affordable, fast and accurate service using the latest advances in DNA-based technology. Working closely with the medical community allows the company's scientists to develop new techniques and apply DNA testing for various applications.

For many years our scientists were researching new techniques to replace potentially dangerous invasive prenatal paternity tests. Traditional methods, particularly amniocentesis, are known for their risks to the unborn child and pregnant women. These risks include fetal injuries, infections, and miscarriages. Non-invasive prenatal technology offered by Prenatal Genetics Center for 17 years allows accurate, convenient and safe testing for paternity and gender verification.

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       Our laboratory is offering a full package for our clients: a.     Free pretesting consultation for your case: explanation about prenatal …

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